MIDI FX v1.0.12 Out now! Introducing The Switcher

There’s a new version of MIDI FX out on the App Store. It fixes a few bugs, especially one that made files using Vintage Piano unreadable.

It also adds a new module: The Switcher

It has one input and multiple outputs but it only sends the signal to the selected output (pointed by the knob). Tap on the knob to go to the next output.

With this module you can, for example, use a keyboard with different synths (one at a time) or create different processing chains and switch from one to the next on the fly.

You can also drag the control to select the output and on its settings menu select from 2 to 5 outputs.


And last but not least: Activate the “Capture PC Commands” option in the module settings and you can send a PC command to change the output. This way you can automate it depending on what pattern you’re playing on a sequencer, or use an external control such as a MIDI pedal. PC Command 0 goes to the next output while from 1 to 5 switches to that output.

Try it out on the Free version and buy the full app to be able to use multiple copies!