Vector Star Brawl and Endless Space Shooter updated

New ship landed

I just updated both games. Endless Space Shooter was still 32bit so it wasn’t available on the App Store. I complied with the latest SDK and it’s working fine on new iOS versions.

Vector Star Brawl was 64bits and has been working pretty well all these years but there were a couple of annoying problems I’ve wanted to fix for a long time, so I finally did it:

  • It was impossible to take off from the planet in Challenge mode. In the last update I made the planet’s gravity force stronger for more dramatic gravity effects (bending bullet paths, possibility of entering orbit…) but this had the side effect that the gravity was too strong for the engine power of the ships. I’ve increased the power to all ships and now it’s fine again. Also this makes the game more responsive and faster to play.
  • I developed the game on an iPad, only tried it at the time on an older iPhone, but if you played the game on a newer iPhone with a longer screen, the zoom calculation that makes sure ships are always visible was off. The ships would often disappear out of the sides of the screen. This has now been corrected.

I’ve been trying the game out these last few days and still think it’s my best game, and still fun, especially considering the fact that it runs now much better than in the older device it was developed on. As the graphics were done without GPU acceleration.