Vector Star Brawl Updated: Resolution switch added

Screenshot at 1/3 reslution with antialias. 1/2 should work fine in most cases


The update to Vector Star Brawl was accepted today. It corrects some problems with GameCenter achievements and adds an important feature, especially if your iOS device is older: an option to lower the screen resolution.

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Why Vector Star Brawl? A little bit about the game…

Now that my first iOS game is done, I wanted to explain a bit about why I decided to make this game and why I made it the way it is. Just to explain a little bit about what went on before and during development…

I’m a big fan of retro gaming (it wasn’t called retro when I was a kid, of course) mostly because those are the kind of games that were done at a time where graphics weren’t too powerful and so you had to focus on gameplay. I’m specially fond of vector games such as Asteroids, and many of the other games of its time… The technology behind those games was very different and used monitors that worked in a totally different way, actually drawing all the lines instead of drawing a raster image with horizontal lines like normal TVs do. This meant that there weren’t any pixelation problems. The resolution was perfect… Continue reading “Why Vector Star Brawl? A little bit about the game…”