MIDI FX 1.4.6 OUT NOW: Better concurrency and inserting modules in the chain

New update out now: I’ve revamped how information is sent across the midi chain to better take advantage of background threads.

Also, now you can insert a module between two connected modules (as long as the new module has at least one correct input and output). This way you can add new modules to a chain even when live playing through that chain.

This works for midi connections but also fro audio ones.

The “add” buttons will be shown when you long click/press on a module (to show the module’s menu actions) and also when you drag a module around.


MIDI FX 1.4.5 OUT NOW – New “Pure” Delay Module

Delay a command by milliseconds and/or beats (in quarter notes or smaller time units). You can also set a number of repetitions and whether to play the original note or not. This was a request I got recently and something I’ve been meaning to add for a while (although in a simpler form)

“Inverted” Hexagonal Keyboard

Another addition is the possibility to set negative intervals on the Hexagonal Keyboard, letting you go down in tone as you go up and/or right on the keys. This was also a request I got so the person could emulate a Dualo keyboard (which I didn’t know anything about until he wrote me).

Last, I’ve fixed the Module Settings screen so you can actually type a value on the text fields and it will update the sliders and be saved.

Next update I’ll move the input link on the pure delay to the center of the module 😉

Jokes aside, I’ll try to re-work the Musical Delay module so it functions better when multiple notes are playing quickly one after the other, especially if they’re the same note… I’m not satisfied with it and it’s overly complicated…

If you have a request for a feature send me an email (look it up on the app itself) There are many possibilities that I just can’t imagine as each person’s use case for the app might be totally different.

Happy 2024!!!