Thanks! Roadmap and feedback…

Hi all! First I want to thank everyone who downloaded and tried the app. I hope you’re finding a use for it.

I’m very interested in any feedback you might have regarding your own use cases. I’m developing new features based on my own use of the app and things I find could make my own experience making live electronic performances better, but I understand each person has different needs and I’m open to ideas.

So, don’t hesitate to send me an email (the address is on the info screen of the app itself) and tell me your thoughts.

For now there are some things I want to develop which are basically to make the sequencer and arpeggiator modules more useful when they are playing. Right now it’s hard to edit notes unless they’re stopped. I also want to add a way to edit not just the note, but other parameters such as length, velocity and offset from the main screen. And the arpeggiator needs a length setting. Right now notes are only as long as the duration of the step, which is very limited.

Those are my first priorities but I have a long list of features I’ll be tackling one at a time….

That’s all for now. If you post a jam/song you made using the app in any way I’d also appreciate a link.