makaGeorgeMakasoft is my platform for releasing games and apps for the Mac and iOS. I first got the domain back in the OS 9 days when I released my first game: Space Garbage Men, a simple space shooter with rotate/thrust controls (like Asteroids). I didn’t do much else until OS X was released and I learned Cocoa and Objective C.

Then real life took over and I didn’t do much programming for quite a while (two small kids can take away quite a lot of your time…) and then with the boom of the i devices, I got excited about coding again and did some iOS games and apps.

After that I got a job programming and worked for 7 years coding apps for education companies such as Edelvives, Oxford Spain, FTD or Poliedro. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but I didn’t have much time (or energy) left to code my own projects.

Now I’m back with a new app which I hope you all try and also looking for interesting freelance projects. If you need an iOS programmer contact me.

My other interests include music: I’ve realeased some albums and regularly upload songs on youtube for my two main projects:

George Foreign is a folk/garage/psychedelic solo project that had a band form for a while: The Foreign Characters

In 2020 I released “What we were… What remains…” a new recording including both old and newer songs that hadn’t been properly recorded and which I really like.

Monorogue is an electronic chiptune influenced project that is all about making live music using synths. I recently released a record with old recordings (before the project became live oriented) and do regularly upload videos on my youtube channel.