A new version is out and it features a new module: The Hexagonal Keyboard.

It also adds a new feature to hide/minimise modules to reduce screen clutter for modules you don’t have to interact with after being set up.

The keyboard is fully configurable. You can set the pad size, number of columns and rows and starting note. Also the intervals between keys (both vertically and diagonally) and can use all the notes or constrain it to a scale by specifying a root note and scale mode.

Use it to play chords, create melodies or to trigger other modules by processing the signal with the Converter modules, fire arpeggios or the Sequencer.

The module is included for free in the PRO version of the app and for users who unlocked the free version of the app with IAP but can be tried out by everyone by opening the included example (go to the Help page and click on EXAMPLES).