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If you’re making music using synths, AUv3 plugins and keyboards/controllers, you know one of the typical problems is how to connect them all through MIDI.

First you’ve got to make sure MIDI Clock arrives to the synths that need it but also if you’re using one or more controllers/keyboards, you have to sometimes split the signal or merge it back in order for everything to work as you intend. But if you want to make a change, you have to rethink the whole setup each time.

Enter MIDI FX:

If you have a MIDI Interface and a way to connect multiple devices into the interface (such as a MIDI merger or splitter) then you have everything you need to use MIDI FX to handle your setup:

Once you start the app, you can create any number of input/output modules which correspond to real channels on your MIDI interface, and between those modules, you can add all kinds of routing or processing modules that let you control exactly what happens to each signal. You can even add Sequencer modules to control your hardware synths…

Say you have a keyboard controller sending notes on channel 1 and 3 synths receiving notes from channels 2 to 4. You could set it up in many different ways:

  • Have the keyboard send notes to all three at the same time
  • Have the keyboard divided into 3 parts, each part sending notes to each synth
  • Have the keyboard control all three but have a Switch to choose which one will be played at any one time.
  • Create a harmony of three notes (the one you play plus say a third and a fifth) and have each note play on a different synth
  • Use your keyboard to generate a bassline on one synth (using the chord from the note you played), a chord sequence in another synth and an arpeggio on the third synth
  • And many more possibilities using modules such as Note Filter, MIDI Delay/Loop, CC LFO, etc…
An example of a setup to generate a bassline + chord sequence from a played note using Arpeggiators.

The app lets you handle MIDI Clock and Transport commands too, even generate PC Commands and CC data. And you can also determine which MIDI devices get sent Clock and which ones you listen to. You can also generate clock from the app and the app includes an internal synth and some sampled instruments (a piano and drum machine) so you can experiment on the go and then connect your hardware at home…

Virtual Synth Apps

You can also use the app to control other synth apps on the same device which support Inter App MIDI (or add them as AUv3 modules inside MIDI FX), and you can also use a controller app as an input for MIDI FX. On the Mac, you can use Network MIDI to control virtual instruments in Logic Pro X and other apps that support the feature.

So, download the app, try it out and see how it can fit into your workflow. It can be used for really simple but very useful stuff such as creating arpeggios from the chords you play or dividing your keyboard into different sounds, or you can compose whole songs controlling multiple synths in more complex ways.

Your imagination is the limit!

Video tutorials and examples: