Minotron and Forget.me.not


Minotron 2112

So I finally tried Minotron today and it’s as great as I remembered Llamatron to be. Haven’t played it a lot yet, but I’ll get into it… Again, the controls are great. I tried both the adaptive controls and the regular ones. Both seem to work fine although you’ve got to get used to not lifting the moving finger, but in this game you have to keep moving anyway, so it’s ok.

I guess it might come handy if you play so well that your moving hand gets tired… but I haven’t reached that point yet…

Anyway, it’s nice to see a bit of experimentation with different control methods…


I also got Forget.me.not and liked it as well. It also has invisible controls which I love already. I love the random levels, which are very well generated and both challenging and entertaining. It’s basically pacman with shotting and a few other nice tweaks like destructible mazes and different enemies but it all works really well.

I was surprised to see how your shoots do hurt you and it forces you to be careful, especially on corridors that go from one side of the screen to the other and wrap around. It’s cool how the key to access the next level protects your back too…

I’m really loving all the retro goodness on iOS and discovering some interesting games by small indie developers.