Home Photo Widget updated to 2.4.0

This new version adds quite a lot of content:

First: You can now test the full version for free. Create one multi photo widget with a maximum of four photos and with all its features

For the FULL version:

  • Last Selected Widget: Mosaic widgets can have a new widget associated that will show the photo that was last tapped on the mosaic widget. Useful for a kind of ‘now playing’ showcase
  • Maximum number of photos shown in a mosaic: Normally a mosaic widget will adapt the number of photos shown to its size, for example a large widget will show at most 16 photos. If you want only 8 shown at a time (so they rotate in time) you can now set this limit
  • Name on mosaic widgets: You can optionally show the name of the multi photo widget on the mosaic.
  • Random order for galleries and mosaics: If your multi-photo widget uses a time duration for each photo (as opposed to a specific time for each photo), you can set the order to random.
  • New Time mode: Weekly time: Now you can set your multi-photo widgets to show each photo at a specific time of a specific day of the week: Make a daily inspirational picture widget, album of the day, or use it for daily remainders at specific times…

For both the FREE and FULL version:

  • Full Screen View: A photo with no links will now open in a special full screen view when tapped on a widget. You can pinch for zoom and drag to pan the picture
  • Background color for name labels: You can now set a background color (with transparency) on the text labels for any widget
  • Duplicate widgets to make variations

Bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Fixed the look of the mosiac widget with margins.
  • Fixed a memory issue where widgets would sometimes be displayed blank because of a problem with how WidgetKit handles images.
  • Storing optimized images for each widget size: Now the app saves scaled versions of the photos for future use as a work around for a bug within WidgetKit that causes a memory issue when loading images from ram.