Out Now: PIECEPACK iPad App

Edit: My piecepack iPad app is out now. Availability may vary per region, but between tonight and tomorrow night it should be out everywhere. Get it here.

Here’s a short video demo of my upcoming boardgame app: piecepack

Coming soon to the Apple Appstore.


The app is designed to let you play boardgames that use the standard piecepack set of pieces. The piecepack is a game system (think of the standard deck of cards) which can be used to play many board/card games.

With this app you can easily manipulate the pieces, move them, flip them around, rotate them, shuffle them… You can make boards and move the pieces on them, or you can play card-like games with hidden hands.

It also automatically saves the current layout, so you can continue games whenever you want and you can also save your layouts for future use. These files can be shared using iTunes or the app can open them directly from the web or Email. It’s great if you design a game for piecepack because you can offer the rules plus the piecepack app file for easy playing.

The app is going to be free. I might add more features in the future (more pieces, expansions and maybe online play)  and release a new payed app, but this version will always be free and already has a lot of features.