Update for Star Brawl released: iCade and GameDock support.

Update: The update has been released. if you’ve got an iCade, go get it now!

I’ve released my latest update to Vector Star Brawl. The update adds iCade support for one or two players (and 2 player games work really well this way!).

I’ve also added full support for the upcoming Gamedock controllers, so the game also plays on an external display.

Note that in order to use an external display you need to have an external controller (iCade or Gamedock). At this time, touch controls are disabled when using an external display.

Out Now: PIECEPACK iPad App

Edit: My piecepack iPad app is out now. Availability may vary per region, but between tonight and tomorrow night it should be out everywhere. Get it here.

Here’s a short video demo of my upcoming boardgame app: piecepack

Coming soon to the Apple Appstore.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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Music and Sound for Vector Space Brawl

Today I’ve posted 3 songs from my upcoming game on Soundcloud. I wanted to create a soundtrack that sounded like instrumental surf music with electronic instruments… I like how these songs have turned out and I’ll probably make a couple more in the next few days… do comment if you like them (or even if you don’t…). I’ll probably will make them available for download in some form after I release the game.

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Welcome to Makasoft

Welcome to the new Makasoft site. I’ve decided to revamp the old site and create a new place for me to post about my current work developing for the Apple platforms.

Here you’ll find news about future releases as well as a new blog where I’ll talk about different topics related to developing and video games in general.

The old stuff is still available at: http://www.makasoft.net/mac-games/

Right now the site is mostly empty. That’s because I’m currently spending most of my time on a new game for iPhone/iPad… I’ll start adding stuff soon…