Timeline Alarm released

Timeline Alarm has been released today. Grab it here. It has a small ad on the bottom which can be removed by sharing the app online. So it’s basically free… all I ask is that people tell about it…

It’s for iOS7 and optimized for iPhone 5 but works well on smaller screens and the iPad…

IMG_0424 IMG_0425


Here’s the demo video again

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Endless Space Shooter now supports 2 players and has less ads

Endless Space Shooter has just been updated. The game now supports 2 players, each playing on one side of the screen, with the second ship flying inverted, oriented towards the second player.

A new leader board has been added for 2 player games which are cooperative.

I’ve also added a few fx so that bullets explode into tiny bits when they hit something. This should make it easier to see when you’ve been hit and looks cool.

The game also has less ads now. Only the full screen ads that appear when you start the game or when you come back to it from the system menu.

Download here

Endless Space Shooter gets iCade support!

The update is out. The game can now be played with the iCade in two modes:

– Regular: Just like playing with the touch screen: Press Up to go up and release to go down. Any other button to accelerate.

– iCade Special: Activate the iCade button to play an iCade-only mode where you can control the angle of the ship by using the up/down stick, giving you total control over the ship. I’ve created special leaderboards for this mode as it makes the game easier, but it does change it a lot, feeling more like a shoot’em up. It’s fun!

Cards Table Released

My newest app, Cards Table has been released. You can download it here.

It’s similar to my piecepack app but with regular cards instead. You can use it to play almost any card game or solitaire. It doesn’t enforce rules, it just simulates a card deck and a few other pieces so people can use the iPad to play any game.

More screenshots:


Experimenting with Ads

As of today I’ve started experimenting with Ads for my free games. My new game Cards Table will be the first one. It will have a full screen ad each time the app is started. Vector Star Brawl has been updated with the same system too.

The ads won’t be very intrusive and will give you all the chance of supporting my work. Eventually I will add payed versions of my games without ads.

Cards Table submitted to the App Store

Recently I got an excellent review for my piecepack app asking for a similar app for a standard deck of cards.

“This is an awesome app. It does everything you could want it to do for a Piecepack app. I just wish there were an app this good for regular cards! I really love the semi-snapping feature – when pieces are close to each other, they kind of snap together. And the save and load table layouts is perfect. I can’t think of anything to add. Perfect!”

So I got to work and yesterday submitted it to the App Store. It uses the wonderful public domain images from Byron Knoll and works pretty much the same as the piecepack app. I even left the dice and pawns in just in case they turn to be useful in some games… the piecepack coins became just regular markers which can be used for scoring.


More screenshots: