makaGeorgeMakasoft is my platform for releasing games for the Mac and iOS. I first got the domain back in the OS 9 days when I released my first game: Space Garbage Men, a simple space shooter with rotate/thrust controls (like Asteroids). I didn’t do much else until OS X was released and I learned Cocoa and Objective C. It was my first objects oriented language and it was really exciting.

Then real life took over and I didn’t do much programming for quite a while (two small kids can take away quite a lot of your time…) and now with the boom of the i devices, I got excited about coding again, so here I am…

The old makasoft website was old, not too good looking and I hadn’t updated it for years, so I decided to create a new one where I can talk about my progress, post information about my games and future releases and just blog about games and developing in general.

I’m also a musician and over the last few years I’ve played in different bands like El Circulo de Willis (an instrumental psychedelic band where I played trumpet) or The Foreign Characters (my latest project). I’m also a sound technician and like to record my own music at home. I have released a lot of tracks over at The Internet Archive. I also do enjoy making music for videogames, and always do it for my own. I’m also available to make and record music for other people…





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